Landscaping Renovations Landscaping Renovations Master Gardener Volunteer Jeanie Wilcox and Mike Murphy 126529209 Raven Micale 126529210 Bryan Stringer 126529211 A lot to mow 126529212 Pulled out Two large bushes 126529213 Planting Hostas under the trees 126529214 Taking a much needed break 126529215 126529216 Rowland Geddie and Raven Micale 126529217 Tom Brown, Mike Murphy, Gary Vaughn add mulch to the cleaned out side areas 126529218 Piles waiting for removal 126529219 Time to get rid of the bushes 126529220 Heavy lifting 126529221 New front plantings 126529222 Everything neat and tidy 126529223 What an improvement! 126529224 The finished product 126529225 The finished product 126529226 Still hard at work 126529227 126529228 Much better! 126529229 Welcome! 126529230