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Stone's Throw Dinner Theatre



Stone's Throw Dinner Theatre is represented by Sally Award Winners Genna Reid, Robert Myers, Leecia Bloss and MIsty Hammer at the 2017 Maple Leaf Parade.

Stone’s Throw Dinner Theatre’s 33rd Annual Sally Awards Ceremony has been set for Saturday, Sept. 9, with doors opening 6:30 pm. Mark your calendars now.

The Sally Awards are named in honor of the beloved speech & drama teacher Sally Ann Crawford (1917-2008), who taught in Carthage for 36 years and spent countless hours on her own time helping many students with their theatre and public speaking skills.

The Sally Awards Show is free of charge and open to the public. Reservations are not required, so come early to assure seating.
Sally Award Nominees...

Congratulations to all of the Sally Award nominees!

Angel Street -- Sheri Browne
Christmas Express – Tara Clark
Death of a Salesman – Sheri Browne & Alicia Rives
Heaven Can Wait – Alicia Rives
I Ought To Be In Pictures – Raven Micale

Angel Street – Robert Myers
Christmas Express – Tara Clark & Shannon Wendt
Death of a Salesman – Clint Ferguson
Heaven Can Wait –Neal Ruggeberg
Those Crazy Ladies in the House on the Corner – Robert Myers & Neal Ruggeberg

Angel Street – Dee Hubbard
Christmas Express – Tara Clark & Bryan Stringer
Heaven Can Wait – Robert Myers
I Ought To Be In Pictures – Robert Myers
Those Crazy Ladies – Robert Myers and Neal Ruggeberg

Angel Street – Kaitlin Morrill
Christmas Express – Ruth Guzman
Death of a Salesman –Ruth Guzman
Heaven Can Wait –Carrie Ferguson
Those Crazy Ladies – Betsy Fleischaker

Christmas Express – Tori Jones
Death of a Salesman – Diann Mazurek
Heaven Can Wait – Misty Hammer
Those Crazy Ladies – Lisa Yates

Christmas Express – Wayne Harris
Death of a Salesman – Dennis Jamison
Heaven Can Wait – Ed Towle
Those Crazy Ladies – Jeff Reid

Best Supporting Actress:
Angel Street – Sheri Browne
Christmas Express – Leecia Bloss
Heaven Can Wait – Michelle Jamison
Those Crazy Ladies – Genna Reid
Those Crazy Ladies – Lisa Yates

Angel Street – Tom Brown
Christmas Express – Wayne Harris
Death of a Salesman – Clint Dodson
Death of a Salesman – Drew Girouard
Heaven Can Wait – Charlie Rogers

Angel Street – Kendra Geopfert
Christmas Express – Linda Bailey
I Ought To Be In Pictures – Kaitlin Morrill
Those Crazy Ladies – Leecia Bloss
Those Crazy Ladies – Linda Craig
Those Crazy Ladies – Shanti Navarre

Angel Street – Bill Welsh
Christmas Express – Joe Kowalski
Death of a Salesman – Tom Brown
Heaven Can Wait – Phillip Butler
I Ought To Be In Pictures – Dee Hubbard

Angel Street -- Betsy Fleischaker
Christmas Express – Shannon Wendt
Death of a Salesman – Betsy Fleischaker
Heaven Can Wait – Kaitlin Morrill
Those Crazy Ladies – Neal Ruggeberg

Angel Street
Christmas Express
Death of a Salesman
Heaven Can Wait
Those Crazy Ladies in the House on the Corner

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Joplin Little Theatre & Stone's Throw Dinner Theatre
Joint Media Release

Patrons of local live theatre will have two choices to attend a well-loved play, Love Letters at two local theatres.

In an unusual turn of events both Joplin Little Theatre and Stone’s Throw Dinner Theatre were issued the rights to present the show by Dramatists Play Service on Saturday evening, February 11. Wally Bloss, President of Joplin Little Theatre’s Board of Directors noted, “This will give the public two choices to see a poignant story about love and life.” Stone’s Throw President Bryan Stringer said, “Either option will make for a great date night for theatre patrons.”

Joplin Little Theatre offers the play at 7:30 pm Feb 11, with a short pre-show medley of love songs for $10 per ticket. Stone’s Throw offers the play with an elegant dinner beginning at 6:30 pm for $30.

Stone’s Throw production features veterans Linda Bailey and Tom Brown.  Joplin Little Theatre has cast Duane and Gwen Hunt, retired MSSU Theatre Professors.

Stringer noted that “while having choices allows patrons different options. We have now begun to work more closely with area theatre groups to avoid other direct conflicts,” Bloss said, “Our Director’s committee will take this as an opportunity to share dates and play schedules.”

 Love Letters is the story of Andrew and Melissa, childhood friends whose lifelong correspondence describes their joys, their conflicts, their longings, their aspirations, and their defeats.  Through the years, their letters reflect the changing culture which has significant impact on each of them, leading them further apart yet strengthening their ties.  Despite their very different lives in different worlds, we see how much they really meant to each other over the years—physically apart, perhaps, but spiritually as close as only true lovers can be.

This touching story takes the audience through the spectrum of emotions, from chuckling to laughing out loud to crying to gasping in shock to laughing again.



Stone’s Throw Dinner Theatre: Doors open at 6:30 pm.  Tickets are $30.  Reservations are required –417-358-9665. The theatre is located at 2466 Old 66 Boulevard (old Route 66 west of the golf course). 

Joplin Little Theatre: Doors open 7:00, curtain at 7:30, tickets are $10 and can be purchased on-line at JLTPlay.org or by calling 417-623-3638, or at the theatre the night of the show if tickets are still available. It is located at 3009 W First, Joplin MO (also adjacent to a golf course!)


Theatre patrons are able to separately purchase tokens at the box office for wine and beer service during dinner. Four varieties of wine are available.

Please be prepared to show your ID at the box office window to receive your tokens. Limited to TWO per person.

Token sales will end at 7:20pm, when the box office closes.

Let us know how you enjoy this new added service.





Help support the Theatre by purchasing an AD for your business or family to be placed in our playbill during every show of the season or just a single show.

Place an AD to congratulate the actors and crew on all their hard work!
Surprise your actor in the family with a "Break A Leg" announcement!
Announce your upcoming Event!   Promote your business!

Be Creative- This is a great price!

Approximately 2500 patrons visit the Theatre each season.



             $175 per show or $1000 per season                                                                for Full half sheet

             $95 per show or $575 per season                for Half of half sheet

      $65 per show or $400 per season   

 for 1/3 of half sheet

$25 per show or $150 per season

for Business Card Size

      You can also underwrite an entire show
and receive a full page inside cover ad

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